Episode 01: Brandon Kellum

brandon kellum 1000

Our first guest on our inaugural episode is Brandon Kellum, lead singer of American Standards. Playing music and belonging in bands half his life, we thought he would be the perfect guest on our first episode. Plus, as a contributing writer for YabYum, he’s also authored a number of ‘Lessons Learned’ articles on everything from touring, recording, show promotion, and more.

Check out our interview with Brandon and make sure to tune in to Band Basics where we’ll feature new guests and band advice every month!

So, here’s the deal. We’re always receiving questions from musicians that fall outside the scope of information we usually offer as a publication. Over the history of our website we’ve tried to offer helpful hints here and there on a variety of subjects, from booking shows to contacting the press, but we feel that we should delve even further. Welcome to Band Basics 101.