red tank 0000

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The PHX outfit known as Red Tank! takes just the right amount of rowdy and arty and smashes them together for a Postmodern sound that will delight punks both new and old. In fact, we liked the band’s 2016 release, BIO/FEEDBACK, so much we gaveRead More →

hush baby 00

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Hush Baby, an activist collective and zine, celebrated their one year anniversary this past weekend and marked the occasion with the release of their fifth zine and a rocknroll show featuring some of the Valley’s happening young talents including Diners, Lai, Nanami Ozone, Pro Teens,Read More →

Lawn Gnome Publishing is an AZ indie bookstore and publishing house. From June 1st to July 31st, Lawn Gnome accepted submissions for their zine! Finalists were just announced! For a complete list of finalists, head here…Read More →