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Captive Cooks Kuatto The blues-fusion five-piece known as Captive Cooks released their debut EP, Kuatto, on May 1st at Last Exit Live. I must say, for a four-track EP, Kuatto packs some serious punch. Maybe that has something to do with half the songs clocking in at over seven minutes. There are someRead More →

Gabriel Sullivan “Hollow Hunter” Calabrese “Flesh and Blood” The Jonestown Band “Yo, Billy Got a Knife” The Thin Bloods “Colleen” Yus “The Way”Read More →

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The Prowling Kind “Melted Together” Director: Frank Thomas Futuristic “That Thang” Director: Jakob Owens Prom Body “My Paradise” Director: Ryan Glenn Burning Palms “Pyramids” Director: Rory O’Rear Captain Squeegee “The Factory” Director: Matty Steinkamp The Thin Bloods “Peter Was A Virus” Director: Ryan Lee Caldwell Samuel L Cool J “Slip and Slide” Director: GrantRead More →

Andrew Jackson Jihad Christmas Island Artwork by Suzanne Falk (read more here) Diners Always Room Artwork by Nick Shively Robots With Rayguns Fresh As It Gets Artwork by Reno Msad Nova Joven A Summer with Prescriptions Artwork by Alexa Phoenix Mekita Field Tripp Les Is Mormon, Woeful Common Terry, Warren Druhgs triptych ArtworkRead More →


by Matt Klassen Contributing Writer In case you don’t know, a talisman is an object of religious, spiritual or magical significance. It can be an idol, a good luck charm, or really anything that one imbues with mystical properties. It’s an appropriate title for an album with otherworldly charm andRead More →

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Samuel L Cool J “Slip and Slide” You Me & Apollo “We Got a Roof” YUS “20 Million” Dark Seas “Through the Years” Sareena Dominguez “Fourteen”Read More →

We got some brand new videos for you folks. This time it’s a special Vimeo edition! So grab the popcorn, sit back, and start watching!There There – “Fireflies” Yus – “Girls” Andrew Hiller – “2nd Son” Sean David Christensen – “A.R.I.Z.O.N.A” Wooden Indian –  “Adolescent Ghost” If you are anRead More →