9 years

A message from the Editors Today we’re celebrating YabYum’s 9th Birthday and we’ve been taking some time to look back over the past years as we decide how we’re going to move forward with the publication in the future. So… big changes coming. Don’t panic just yet. We still planRead More →

radio phoenix podcast 00

On our seventh birthday the YabYum staff mobbed down to Radio Phoenix at the Phoenix Center for the Arts to play some of our favorite tracks and talk some serious shop while, at the same time, goofing off and eating cookies provided by Small Fry Pie. Good times. Check out theRead More →

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Has it truly been 7 years?? YabYum Music and Arts first published on June 1, 2009 which makes us seven years old today!! If you enjoy our daily offerings of local music and arts, share the love with some social media support! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on TwitterRead More →

It takes a LOT of time and energy to keep this beast afloat so if you could take a moment from your day to show your support for our endeavor, it would be much appreciated. “Like” us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Subscribe to ourRead More →

day off title

Hey, we’re taking a day off from our regularly scheduled content to remind all of you that it’s hard work to keep up with our daily offerings of Southwest Music and Arts and it’s time we got a little something-something in return. No, we’re not asking for money… just aRead More →

radio phoenix podcast 01

To celebrate our 6 YEAR Anniversary, the staff selected some of their favorite tunes to share with our listeners on Rise! from Radio Phoenix. Thank you all for reading, listening, liking, and following us – whether through our blog, on Rise! or via social media. It’s what has kept this operationRead More →

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Are you the type of person who is always looking for new and exciting things happening in your hometown? Do you like to share these findings with others? Then you should definitely consider joining the YabYum Music & Arts team! We’re looking for a few good folks to cover music ofRead More →


It’s that time of year again… Awards’ Month!! January is our time to acknowledge the artists and albums that really defined 2014 for us so get ready for the action. Don’t worry, we’ll keep posting our “Show Picks of the Week” so keep sending us those flyers! We’ll be returningRead More →