by  Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen – World Music: What the fuck does that mean? For most of my existence on this burning rock and within the walls of Zia Records, the “world” section has always been this bizarre shelf usually located by the “electronic” and “country” sections where even the most seasoned aficionadosRead More →

Dub FX “Thinking Clear” [Australia] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Maggie Bushiri “Swing Your Body” [U.S.A.] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Sokol “Contact” [Mongolia via UK] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Gili Yalo “Selam” [Israel] Website – Facebook – Instagram Chicago Afrobeat Project “No Bad News ” [U.S.A.] Facebook – TwitterRead More →

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The Arizona supergroup known as Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra has been packing venues on the regular for several years now, but it was only this past November that the band released their debut album, PAO! So, after years of waiting, fans can now take home a piece of the Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra experience. TheRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – These days, we’re receiving submissions from all around the world and we thought it would be fun to share some of the stellar singles sent to us from afar. Sometimes, the music carries a hint of its geographical origin, but often it doesn’t andRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor So just what is “world music” anyway? And why do we use that term to begin with? These were the pondering thoughts I started with when I asked myself, “Does Arizona have much world music?” When I thought about it, and after some internet research,Read More →