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Fingertips This indie music blog has been around since 2003. That’s almost, like, when the internet and music first started hanging out together. And, for all those years, Fingertips has directed its readers to free (and legal) online music and now they offer playlists as well! Get Money Music ThisRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – So we’re all making art for art’s sake right? Theoretically… yes. Well, what should you do if you decide to take the leap and try to get your music in front of people who would not otherwise hear it? Recently, I was asked byRead More →

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We know most of our readership is comprised of musicians and music-hounds. The best way to expand your listener base is to get your music out there to as many ears as you can. Music blogs and publications help get your music to new audiences so we’re going to regularlyRead More →