7 Strange & Wondrous Music Videos featuring Sarah Bethe Nelson, Rum for Breakfast, Gus D. Wynns & The Breakers, Ziemba, Snailmate, Los Esplifs, + Northwest…Read More →

7 Weird + Wondrous Music Videos featuring Okey Dokey, Tokyo Lucky Hole, BOYO, WILD, Stardawg, Marble Arch, + The Milkshakes | YabYum Music + Arts | your PHX guide to music everywhereRead More →

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Capitano “Gypsy on a Leash” This track is about daring to be yourself and the music video directed by Katja Kuhl captures the spirit of that nonconformity rather nicely. We’ve featured the unique aesthetic of Capitano on our site before and this video should help explain why. We dig weird. FacebookRead More →

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Scattered Melodies “You Bad” Helen Kelter Skelter “GUUD” Captain Squeegee “Our Children” KNIFE FIGHTER “For Profit Prophet” Handsome Naked “CATZ” Daniel “Best Damn Party” Ori Dagan “Bibimbap”Read More →

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Surma “Hemma” Rock Band for Old Men “Eat Some Snacks & Cry”  Jerusafunk “Respect My Lust” River Jones “Fortunes and Violence” Dreadcat & the Transitional Wave “Captain’s Hat” Happy Rain “Happy Birthday” Rauw Vlees “Dear Human Being”Read More →

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Prism Bitch “Ya Ya” Adrian Underhill “Not Good Enough” LeoLeo “Iowa” Koonian “Namaste & Sh!t” Erica Dawson “USA Party Girl” Papillon Rising “High Upon High” Treasure Mammal “My Love”Read More →

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Dessert “Back Around, Devil” Crushed Out “Out of the Blue” WASH ft. SupaJoint “Light Em Up” Juniper Douglas “Wood Rose” Mflux & The Bass Rangers ft. DJ Schlomo “Golden Hour” The Fem Doms “Dysania” Troup “Always on Fire”Read More →

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River Jones & Lorelei Linklater “Pure” Wyatt Blair “Monday Morning Mess” Geordie Kieffer “Red Lines” American Monoxide “Sciatic Nerve” Clipping. “Baby Don’t Sleep” f/g/g/t/failur “Axe All My Dreams As I Sit And Wait” Knox Hamilton “Washed Up Together”Read More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor I’m always down to explore the innovative undertakings of John Melillo so you can perhaps imagine my excitement when I received early access to the first official Algae & Tentacles’ LP. The self-titled album will be released later this week through Lightning Records which also plays host toRead More →