Support live and local music by heading out to a show this week. Whether you want ambient indie, chill pop, or the weird noise expierence of Night of Neualgia, we got you covered. Read More →

So not everyone is at Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend which is awesome because we aren’t either. Thankfully, there are some eclectic happenings around town this week so everyone should find something to suit their fancy. For more Upcoming Shows, check out our Upcoming Shows page.  Kick things offRead More →

Everyone should have an amazing weekend given all the awesome shows happening around town. Don’t be lame, get out there! Pistoleros and Dead Hot Workshop?!?! Be still my 17 year old heart, I can’t take the pressure 15 years later. Monophonic Hillside is one of the best kept secrets inRead More →

It’s going to be a good week for Valley music. Vagabond Gods release show and Stephen Steinbrink back on his old turf?! Check out more awesome shows this week on our Upcoming Shows page.Read More →