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We’re not just about good music here, we’re also about good causes. Although, sometimes good music is the good cause… whatever. Tossing in some financial support – even if it’s just a couple dollars – can have a big impact when you’re working with a community. Pick your cause andRead More →

Instrumental albums can say so much without saying a word. For this special instrumental-only album post, we decided to bring you three very different examples from three different Arizona artists from three different cities. And while it is true that instrumental music sometimes fits perfectly in the background while studyingRead More →

I know we’re all in a rush these days, but that makes it all the more important to take a moment to acknowledge who brought all this chaos down upon you – your mother. While it might be tempting to take the easy way out next time you run toRead More →

Tucson, our sister to the south, holds more fabulous art and music than any one person could possibly experience… but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying! These Tucson musicians could give the growing PHX scene a run for their money but, thankfully, we’re all in this together: trying to makeRead More →

A lot of albums come my way here at YabYum that are quickly categorized as “chick rock” and passed along to resident chick-on-staff. None of the above bands came to me that way despite all the feisty females that make up each band on the bill. That’s the best thingRead More →

RAW:natural born artists is a national organization aimed at promoting local arts locally. Arizona is the proud home of not one but two RAW cities (Phoenix and Tucson) that host monthly showcases to highlight some of the best artists of each area. RAW Event Director for both the Phoenix andRead More →

Calabrese “The Dead Don’t Rise” Clay Dudash “Pretty Please” Ex-Cowboy  “Silent Movie” The Black Moods  “Hey You” Wanda Junes “However You Want It”Read More →

There is DangerLiving DreamsIllya Riske has proven himself an attention-worthy songwriter: first in the Whisperlights and now with There is Danger. On the first listen of Living Dreams, I’ll admit, I wasn’t taken aback. And, I really really wanted to be taken aback. Then there was the second listen. However,Read More →

You know our spiel at this point… We all have to work together to keep seeing awesome art being made in our own state. You don’t need another pair of shoes. Use that money elsewhere to do some good and support some art. It’s good for your soul. _ TouringRead More →

Scenery Humdrum Humdrum, the latest album from Scenery opens with “Years of Gold”, an electronic amble that builds and evolves before giving way to a Gregorian-style chant. By the time the warmth of the second track “Kinderen” washed over me, I was sold. Ambient and pensive, Humdrum proves Scenery’s best work toRead More →

North Dakota Pat Waggy My crush on North Dakota has gone way past the hearts-on-my-notebook phase. They are everything feisty and fresh; two qualities sorely lacking in too much art these days. When Michelle Blades, one member of the North Dakota trinity that also includes Mo Neuharth and Emily Hobeheidar, migrated acrossRead More →