Los Puchos Los Puchos!The seven song, self-titled cassette released as a joint venture between Tempe’s Rubber Brother Records and L.A.’s Lollipop Records is a must for any avid tape collector. Los Puchos has their own style of garage rock that harkens back to early Van Morrison or Beach Boys recordings, butRead More →

Sure, Treasure Mammal has probably played the Trunk Space a few times this year, but if you were at this show then you definitely know which show I’m talking about. The show – The Treasure Mammal 10 Years of Cumming Full Circle show at the Trunk Space which happened over twoRead More →

Treasure Mammal 10 Years of Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle Featuring D.R.U.M.B. Treasure Mammal is more than a band. It is an immersion study in your own id. Not the scary place we must seek to repress but the colorful, mystical, sexual cocoon we should all explore a little moreRead More →

For my dad’s 69th birthday I took him to the Vial of Sound Substance Organique Volatile release show at the Crescent Ballroom. Now some may be thinking, “Isn’t he kind of old staying out until 1 AM listening to music that he probably doesn’t like anyway?” Wrong. He loved itRead More →

Courtney Marie Andrews “Woman of Many Colors“ The first single from her soon-to-be-released new album, “Woman of Many Colors” confirms Courtney Marie Andrews’ ardent talents as a songwriter. She is something truly remarkable. Although she recently moved to Washington, Andrews is returning to Phoenix for the April 23rd release ofRead More →

Avery – “Hospital Call” Scenery featuring Michelle Blades – “My Grimey Dreams” Bike Thief – “Battles” Them Savages – “Novellas” Treasure MammaL’s Harlem ShakeRead More →

The Wiley One – “Kill It With Love” Voodoo Swing – “My Rockabilly Martian Gal” Vial Of Sound – “Pop The Beat” Futuristic, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Prod. by Akt Aktion – “Don’t Mind If I Do” Treasure MammaL – Stevie Wonder to the Bullshit Banana Gun recording LIVE on-lineRead More →

Trick or Treating is for suckers (and loyal readers with children). The rest of us should find some other way of celebrating Halloween. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions…  Halloween with Treasure Mammal?! How can you go wrong?   The Phoenix Art Museum will be showing this classic tale of loveRead More →

Well it’s been a minute since we posted any videos and a whole assortment have come to our attention! If you’re an Arizona band and you would like to see your video included on our site, email us a link at yymeditors@gmail.com! Peachcake – “The World Is Our Platform To MeanRead More →

Want your flyer included in Flyer Friday?!  Just send the flyer to yymeditors@gmail.comRead More →