Treasure Mammal 700

by Carly Schorman

I have to admit that going on tour with Treasure Mammal might be on my secret bucket list. And, given their revolving cast of players and dancers, I might actually have a shot at making this dream a reality someday. This summer, the ragtag band packed up and hit the road for a nine city tour in just 11 days. We caught up with Abe Gil after Treasure Mammal returned to home turf to talk T-Mammal, tour van tunes, and more…Read More →

strange 00

Prism Bitch “Ya Ya” Adrian Underhill “Not Good Enough” LeoLeo “Iowa” Koonian “Namaste & Sh!t” Erica Dawson “USA Party Girl” Papillon Rising “High Upon High” Treasure Mammal “My Love”Read More →

R.Ariel “Gone” Michelle Blades “How Many Shadows Do I Lay On” Whitherward “The Dragon” Los Guapos “Tumbleweeds” Treasure Mammal “That’s The Way Roll” [Video Removed By User]  Read More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Continuing his series “An Insider’s Introduction”, Mark delves into the person and persona of Roddy Nikpour, a man of many talents. In addition to the brooding, instrumental orchestrations he helps create under the moniker -ghost island-, Roddy also moonlights as a dancer in the experimentalRead More →

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Treasure Mammal “Cassette” Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Sunset Voodoo “Sweet Release” Blank Waves “All In You” Futuristic x Devon Terrell “Bodied”Read More →

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Emby Alexander “In Your Doorstep Bleeding” Treasure Mammal “Missed Connections” Strange Lot “Supremium” Injury Reserve “Yo” Sundressed “Beck and Call”Read More →

Treasure Mammal  I Will Cut You with my EBT Card It’s been a little more than two years since Treasure Mammal celebrated their ten anniversary with 10 Years of Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle Featuring D​.​R​.​U​.​M​.​B. Their much-anticipated follow-up dropped last month. I Will Cut You with my EBT Card features all of the chaoticRead More →

The cast and crew of Treasure Mammal joined us at Radio Phoenix for Rise! They brought along an eclectic mix of music and an hour of rioutous good times. Check out the podcast here. The complete playlist can be found below. Tune in this coming Wednesday at 7pm to hearRead More →

5 eclectic singles featured

The Hourglass Cats “Be That Way” The Hourglass Cats have their own distinctive bluesy-garage-rock, desert-reggae sound guaranteed to get barroom patrons dancing before the first chorus of their set. The same might be said of their latest track, “Be That Way”. Recorded in 432Hz at Loud Audio Recording in Glendale, “Be ThatRead More →


by Mark Anderson Senior Editor I had been waiting for this day for two and half years, and then suddenly, it was here: MAN-CAT was set to release a new album. Their first full-length album. I couldn’t be more excited. I got to the Trunk Space rather early. Not tooRead More →

Dan Tripp & Friends Would he?  Woody Guthrie should be required listening for all aspiring musicians or, better yet, every young American. On this tribute to Guthrie, Would he?, we find many charming ditties from the Guthrie songbook that you won’t find on any “Best of” album. One of the aspects IRead More →