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For our very first episode of The Mortician’s Daughter, I offer up a short introduction before diving right in with the Stages of Death, including algor and rigor mortis. And, of course, we establish the most difficult stage to identify: death itself. Just what does make someone officially dead anyway? Find out on this episode…Read More →

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Local rabble-rouser Travis James (of Couples Fight and Travis James & the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists) has a unique sound and style so we were definitely interested to see what tracks  he would choose for his Tastemaker’s Ten. As usual, we asked TJ to share ten songs he thought everybody should hear….Read More →

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by Frank Ippolito Staff Writer Travis James & The Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists Hostility (Big surprise here…) Mr. Travis James is going to hate this – I mean, I’ve already applied for the Witness Relocation Program, and dear gawd I hope it goes through before this is published – butRead More →

breaking up

Allow me to be the first to say it’s a little bit ridiculous to give “Best Breakup Album” to a release titled, Breaking Up EP, but whatever. We don’t care. And, in the lives of those around us, it seems like 2016 was a rough year for coupledom. I guess the break-ups ofRead More →

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Travis James showed up with a crew when he came down to the Radio Phoenix studios. We talked all his current projects, Slope Records, and what’s upcoming for mohawked troubadour. Plus, he brought a ton of great tracks including some that can be heard no where else (for now)! As always, youRead More →

lyric music videos

Steve Gunn “Park Bench Smile” The Chainsmokers “Closer” Brittany Campbell “Mean” SHAED “Thunder” Clinton Sparks “Saturday Night” Travis James “Fade Away”Read More →

A & TJ were joined by Rick for this kick ass Couples Fight acoustic session of Songs From the Reading Room! Jokes were cracked, a superb banner was hung and no one broke out the machete. Big thanks as always goes out to Burning Empire Media for making ’em happen!Read More →

 by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The debut EP from the recently formed Couples Fight is causing me existential anxiety. As a member of a long-term coupledom approaching nuptial status, I relate a little too much to the lyrics heard on Breaking Up. The EP kicks off (after a short intro) withRead More →

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by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor This was probably the hardest, most painstaking review of any record I’ve ever done here for the glorious Yab Yum, defender of arts and music (did I just rewrite the tagline?!). For one, I know Travis James. Well, I don’t know know James, I knowRead More →