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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Breaking new ground. It’s what every successful musician/artist/business person does to keep pushing forward, forever reaching the next personal, artistic, or financial goal. In the case of James Tritten and Fort Lowell Records, well, let’s just say they’ve done it again. James, husband of andRead More →

Steff and the Articles“Te Extraño” The Cold Desert“Bad Reaction” The Hourglass Cats“Sense” Tracy Shedd “Broken Arrows” The Upper Strata“Maybe A Day” Bentley“Good Man” Prehab“Not Coming Home”Read More →

Stephen Steinbrink Arranged Waves Just because Stephen Steinbrink moved on up to Olympia doesn’t mean he’s going to stop tagging his albums “Arizona”. Thank goodness. The beautiful, experimental, pensive pop of Steinbrink is simultaneously uplifting and sobering, a dichotomy that must be heard to be understood. Though Stephen is aRead More →