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The Woodworks “The Doctor Says I’m Fine” Skating Polly “Louder in Space” The Murlocs “Oblivion” Weird Radicals “John Lennon (Headbangin)” Windigo “All Your Thunder” Lane Change “Floodwater” Sleeptalk “Strange Nights”Read More →

5 May Releases title

The Woodworks Unhealthy Decisions Release Show: May 16th at Rogue Bar The Woodworks put out one of our favorite albums last year, Safe Mode. So we were more than a little surprised (and delighted) to find out the band already has a new album set for release this month. Despite the speedy turnRead More →

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This past year was a big one for the resurrgence of psychedelia right here in the Valley. Several bands have taken to the meandering path of progressive rock and created mind-altering soundscapes that entrance their listeners. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of psychedelic rock albums thatRead More →

Day Before Plastics

By J. Deringer Contributing Writer Rogue Bar – July 18 In the middle of his band’s raucous set, Travis of Japhy’s Descent stood onstage at the Rogue Bar, talking into the mic and taking in the excited crowd, “Congrats to Day Before Plastics,” he smiled while tucking his long hairRead More →

Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs Snake Headed Faceless CowboyThe four track debut EP from Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs finishes in under 15 minutes which means you can listen to it four times every hour. If you listen to this album on repeat for a full 24 hours, you canRead More →

Last Friday, TKLB? closed out their month-long Friday night residency at Long Wong’s with a bang. Sister Lip, The Woodworks, The Gentlemen Ether, Playboy Manbaby, and The Insects joined in the festivities. Contributing photographer Fernando Begay was there to capture the action.  Ariel Monet, drummer for Sister Lip, always givesRead More →

The Woodworks “Slave Driver” This track from The Woodworks has a feisty kick to it. After we came across the uniquely assembled “thrash” Americana of the band, we couldn’t wait to hear more. Thankfully, this single insinuated a new album was in the works from The Woodworks and we’re hereRead More →