5 Eclectic New Releases 00

Captive Cooks Kuatto The blues-fusion five-piece known as Captive Cooks released their debut EP, Kuatto, on May 1st at Last Exit Live. I must say, for a four-track EP, Kuatto packs some serious punch. Maybe that has something to do with half the songs clocking in at over seven minutes. There are someRead More →


Sweet Ghosts “Sister Sylvia” Jon Rauhouse “Desert Luau” on Red Chair Recordings You Me and Apollo “Ames on Her Way to the Top” Sun Bones “Havest Moon” (Neil Young Cover) at The Folk Shop The Sweet Nothings  “I Lied”Read More →

Small Leaks Sink Ships “The Malevolent Jester“ While this track might not be making an appearance on the forthcoming release from staff favorites, Small Leaks Sink Ships, you can enjoy the ambient instrumental release and its strange visual accompaniment here. And don’t forget to head out to the Last ExitRead More →