As a group of folks who spend their days writing about music, we have an extra appreciation for folks who create visual art to accompany music. Today we’d like to share our favorite album covers from 2013…  The Haymarket Squares Righteous Ruckus The retro-styling of Righteous Ruckus suits the sound ofRead More →

British pop, noisy rock n roll provided by sisters, indie pop pop pop, post punk and Egyptian trance is what is being thrown down in Tucson by The Modeens, Acorn Bcorn, Steff & the Articles, Otherly Love, and Burning Palms, respectfully. And respectfully, Tucson, we’d like to steal them, bringRead More →

Really cool source. by Frank Ippolito Who is rocking Tucson? I admit it. I’m guilty of being a Phoeniciphile when it comes to bands. So, I jumped out of my fishbowl and went in search of a couple of Tucson bands that are making some noise. Good noise. Steff andRead More →