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What album got more airtime at YabYum HQ this year than any other? It was, without a doubt, The Echo Bombs’ April release, Pleb. These ten-tracks of turbo fueled disappointment provided us with some of our favorite singles of the entire year, but the best way to listen is from start to finish and then all over again…Read More →

7 Rowdy Music Videos featuring The Echo Bombs, The Venomous Pinks, Sunshine Mind, The Smiling Faces, Gramma, Fine Points, + The Cabin Fever Read More →

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The Echo Bombs are fucking rad. They brought down their feisty shenanigans to the Radio Phoenix studios as well as a kick ass playlist of tasty jams to share with all of us. Aren’t they sweet? Tune in to find out just how saccharine they can be… Catch The YabYumRead More →

The Echo Bombs “Pistachio Pudding” That feisty PHX trio that everyone loves to see live is finally almost ready for their sophomore release. The Echo Bombs released The King of Uncool back in 2014 and, since that time, they’ve been shopping their brand of misanthropic fun to Valley audiences who, frankly, are readyRead More →

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Capitano “Gypsy on a Leash” This track is about daring to be yourself and the music video directed by Katja Kuhl captures the spirit of that nonconformity rather nicely. We’ve featured the unique aesthetic of Capitano on our site before and this video should help explain why. We dig weird. FacebookRead More →

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Pistoleros “I’m Concerned” The Echo Bombs “Creeper” Bogan Via “Madly” The Wiley Ones “What I Am” Whitherward “Music Monster”Read More →

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Parliament might be gone but Rubber Brother Records is still going strong. It seems as if this year, the Tempe label is going beyond their rowdy roots to incorporate new styles and new locales into their collective discography. Here are three new tapes that I would suggest you get yourRead More →

Lenguas Largas “Kawasaki Dream” Tucson’s Lenguas Largas came up to the Valley on Nov. 7th to play the Crescent Ballroom with Pissed Jeans and Gay Kiss. If you missed the show, you missed out so we decided to offer up this summertime single from the band to really stick itRead More →

It’s hard to keep up. We’re short-staffed and Rubber Brother Records keeps making shit happen so fast we’re starting to slip behind. Following their music festival that spanned two weekends and two cities, they had another release show just this past weekend at Cartel in Tempe. Let’s just all takeRead More →

Therapist Desire With members in both Arizona and California, Therapist are already making a name for themselves in both states for their punky, funky, nu-disco sound. With nods to Gossip and the Moving Units, Therapist’s new single “Desire” delivers a solid bass punch, spiked and everything. As any pop hook should, “1,Read More →