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by Mitchell Hillman

It’s been just over a year since I’ve written about music in this town.

I’ve been laying low working on perfecting recipes of health and happiness, while churning out a slew of paintings and tending to my own self care. So it had to be something truly special to apply my pen to poetic musings of the vibrant goings on of the Phoenix music scene. This past Saturday was an emotional and boisterous explosion of saying farewell to a venue that was a staple for local bands over the last twelve years, The Rogue Bar. Having been in the thick of it for most of those years, it was the truly special event that made my heart swell, my soul soar and present a time tunnel of memories and friends that sparked a fire in my mind…Read More →

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Allyson interviews Jed for her first installment of ‘Social Savvy’, a new column were we interview creatives in our community to talk about the the impact and challenges of navigating through this crazy world of social media…Read More →

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by Mark Anderson – The Bittersweet Way Presents This might be the sexiest physical release I’ve seen in sometime. Yes, I’m talking about  The Bittersweet Way’s brand new release, Presents; a blue flexi disc entombed in a hand-assembled zine. Just like a proper 45 RPM, it contains the band’s first two singlesRead More →

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The Bittersweet Way joined us down at the Radio Phoenix studios for The YabYum Hour before heading down to Bisbee for Sidepony Music Festival and the band’s own release show of their latest album, Presents. Now, is that ‘Presents’ as in “I present this to you” or is it more like “Yay!Read More →

Ecstatic Union “Illuminator” The L.A. garage rockers known as Ecstatic Union have an easygoing attitude and a brand-new s/t album out through Lolipop Records. You can purchase the new album here or preview additional tracks through Soundcloud first.  The Bittersweet Way “Already Over” The Bittersweet Way released this cool collage videoRead More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Well, Hell” If you’re a regular reader, then you probably already know I’m quite vocal for the music of Lauren Ruth Ward. And, if you’re not, then you’ve been missing out BIG TIME. The L.A. transplant has a voice that will break your heart, but she hasRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer Never reckless, always deliberate, lead vox/guitarist Jedidiah Foster of The Bittersweet Way chatted a bit with Song River, staff writer at YabYum, about their new album, Songs We Want to Sing, due out later this week! Song River: Let’s talk about the songwriting on this new album, SongsRead More →

Mouse Powell “Love Is” Logan Greene Electric “Get Over It” WLFPCK “Vibrations”  The Bittersweet Way “Would You Like to Go to the Rock and Roll Show?” Leonardo DiCapricorn “NUNU”  Read More →

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Recorded live at Phoenix Center for the Arts in Sunny downtown Phoenix and aired on Radio Phoenix on June 4th, 2014. Fred from Of the Painted Choir came down and picked out some tracks to spin. We also had writer Mike McQuillian stop in and say hello to our readers/listeners.Read More →

  The Bittersweet Way heavens The Bittersweet Way has been on the scene for quite some time now with more than a decade under their belt. And their latest release heavens might be my favorite album to date from the Phoenix duo. Garage indie pop with a distinctive nod towardRead More →