A blood-stained shirt draped over a chair in the center of a room. Commercials from the nineteen eighties blaring overhead, into your bloodstream, from an intentionally forgotten period of cultural subversion. The mood is set. The show begins. And after a brief moment of overwhelming static and piercing radio waves, Toby Yatso – a megastaple of local Phoenix theatre – is standing on a nearly-bare stage, nearly-bare himself as Patrick Bateman…Read More →

by Nicole Royse Arts Editor Tempe Center for the Art’s summer exhibition STEAM brings together the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in an exciting and captivating exhibition. “STEAM is a movement inspired by the popularity of STEM -based education”, states TCA Curator Michelle Nichols-Dock. The exhibition highlightsRead More →


  1. Who are you and what do you do? Christine Cassano – I am a woman dedicated to making visual art. Through art, I use a wide range of materials to create mixed media sculptures, installations, and assemblage pieces. I also work freelance graphic design and design/fabricate various commissionedRead More →