Tall Tall Trees “Being There” Leah Senior “All My Friends” Sofia Imas “Cold” Finn Kleffmann “Freckles” Ratnang Singh “Falling from the Skies” Some Dark Hollow “Be the Man”  EllaHarp “Dirty Money”Read More →

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Tall Tall Trees “SeagullxEagle” KaiL Baxley “Killin’ Floor” Slings & Arrows “That Was Me Then” Joe Marson “Gotta Be Good” Tally Spear “Wrong  Side of the Road” Mason “Rockstar Paperboy” Alice Wallace “I Just Don’t Care Anymore”Read More →

The Bollands “Guilty” Tall Tall Trees “Free Days” Couples Fight “Someone Else” David Messier “Everything Breaks My Heart” Knox Hamilton “Never My Love” Boy Epic “Kanye’s in my Head” David Zaoui “Do You Remember Me”Read More →