3 Fun + Feisty New Releases

by Carly Schorman – Andy Warpigs Counter Culture​-​Shock! Andy Warpigs’ 2014 release, Folk-Punk Yourself, pretty much secured his place in the annals of Phoenix underground music forever, but it’s his sophomore full-length that might supplant that debut as the official YabYum favorite. Counter Culture-Shock! has an angst-laden grit much darker than previousRead More →

rad 00

Foxtails Brigade “We Are Not Ourselves” Orangubang ft. Kalen Lander from Snailmate “Wet, Not Gross” Susan “I’ve Been Known” Peach Kelli Pop “Heart Eyes” W.A.S.H. “Get Back to Twerk”Read More →

Mickey & the Mountains A Mantle Piece It was just about six months ago that Phoenix 4-piece Mickey & the Mountains released the single “Fatigue” which means six months of waiting for fans to get their hands on the rest of the album. A Mantle Piece dropped back in January at anRead More →