5 mellows singles featured

Please “Things I’ve Been Thinking” It’s been a little over a year since Phoenix’s Please dropped their debut EP, but the appearance of a new single hopefully bodes well for a new album on the horizon. “Things I’ve Been Thinking” is a musing number on the nature of love setRead More →

by Joe Golfen Staff Writer Phantom Party Stellar The infectious surf guitar that kicks off Phantom Party’s debut release tells you everything you need to know about this record, in the best way possible. That jittery riff, drenched in thick reverb and dense atmosphere, makes “Catholic School” totally irresistible, and ifRead More →

5 Rad Music Videos

Twin Ponies “Merciless & Masculine” Hermanitos “Betty”   Surf “Salt Water” RPM Orchestra “Bury Mine” Sweat Lodge “Payday”Read More →

Harper and the Moths “Nighttime Tremors” Sundressed “Naked” Red Tank! “Sovereignty” Sol Drop “Woah!” SURF “National City”Read More →

5 Eclectic New Singles title

Le Zets “Favor for a Favor” If you missed the feisty debut from Phoenix rockers, Le Zets, I suggest you rectify the error of your ways by checking out “Favor for a Favor” – one of the stellar singles from their recent release. Garage rock with a heavy layer of blues,Read More →

5 cool music videos

Mouse Powell “Need That” Luke Sweeney “Miss Me?” DaDadoh “BlackOUT” Surf “23.6 The Dirty Sun “Broken Door”Read More →

5 Stellar Music Videos 00

Giant Sand “Transponder” NUMB BATS “I Don’t Know Why/ To Die” Sunset Voodoo “Summer Haze” JJCnV “Gaze Upon the Yonder” The Thin Bloods “You and You and You”Read More →

I always convince myself there is nothing worse than the Arizona summer. That is, until I’m sitting in the freezing cold on the precipice of a new year and then suddenly I find myself longing for days when I don’t have to wear ten layers of clothing. Thankfully, I have myRead More →

The Foster Family Band “Heavy Now You Know” The first song I ever heard from Perry Allen immediately sealed my fate as a fan for life (see “take my bones to the valley” here) so you can begin to imagine my excitement when I heard he had joined ranks withRead More →

Hey just a reminder everyone that the the third annual Arizona Taco Festival is this weekend! This year’s event takes place at the Salt River Fields in Scottsdale from 11AM to 7PM Saturday and Sunday. Featuring $2 dollar tacos all weekend, there will be over 50 restaurants and food trucksRead More →