5 eclectic singles 00

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Katterwaul Follow You Home Tucson’s Wooden Tooth Records is offering up Katterwaul’s sweet single “Follow You Home” on limited edition 7″ vinyl with a second track, “Gimme Your Number” on the b-side. Now, Katterwaul just so happens to be one of my favorite bands and theirRead More →

5 Crazy Cool Music Videos title

Sun Bones “Ersilia” Grizzly Goat “Only Bring You Hell” MRCH “Validation” Bryant Eugene Vazquez “What’s Paisley? (City Blues)” The Wanda Junes “DFW”Read More →

5 May Releases title

The Woodworks Unhealthy Decisions Release Show: May 16th at Rogue Bar The Woodworks put out one of our favorite albums last year, Safe Mode. So we were more than a little surprised (and delighted) to find out the band already has a new album set for release this month. Despite the speedy turnRead More →

The Haymarket Squares “Don’t Panic” Submission for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts Contest Cherie Cherie “Sweet N’ Low” from RAARS (Recorded at a Record Store) Sun Bones “Everybody Needs a Master” Submission for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts Contest Jess Matsen “Linger Long” from The Trundle Sessions Japhy’s Descent “Owl” Submission forRead More →

laura featured

Every year we like to acknowledge one vocalist of matchless talent, the one who really put the wind in our sails with every note. Laura Kepner-Adney definitely met that criteria. The Tucson songbird might be known for her work with the harmoniously rustic Silver Thread Trio or retro rockers The Cordials,Read More →

Playboy Manbaby “Lizard People” on RAARS Sun Bones “Good in Red” on The Trundle Sessions The Hourglass Cats “Rain Checks” live at Apache Lake Music Festival Treasurefruit “Darkside” live at PotLuckCon Coobee Coo “Sugar Cane Lane” Live in Downtown MesaRead More →

Frederick Huang 00

Recorded live at Phoenix Center for the Arts in Sunny downtown Phoenix and aired on Radio Phoenix on June 4th, 2014. Fred from Of the Painted Choir came down and picked out some tracks to spin. We also had writer Mike McQuillian stop in and say hello to our readers/listeners.Read More →

Sun Bones 01

By Matt Marn Staff Writer Every song is different. Ask Tucson group Sun Bones, and they will tell you all four members had a big role in writing different parts of the songs on their debut album, Sentinel Peak. “It’s really different from song to song, from person to person,”Read More →


Sweet Ghosts “Sister Sylvia” Jon Rauhouse “Desert Luau” on Red Chair Recordings You Me and Apollo “Ames on Her Way to the Top” Sun Bones “Havest Moon” (Neil Young Cover) at The Folk Shop The Sweet Nothings  “I Lied”Read More →

burning palms

Burning Palms Burning Palms How does one classify the “Egyptian Temple Lo-Fi” rock of Burning Palms? It is simultaneously ancient and futuristic; both Space Age and New Age. With the release of their self-titled cassette through L.A.’s Lollipop Records, this Tucson act is set to spread the gospel of Burning Palms.Read More →