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What makes for a good cover song might be one of the questions of the ages. I mean, should you go for paying tribute to a band who helped give shape to your own sound? Or do you go way out to left field to adapt a different sound toRead More →

2016 awards recap

Alrighty gang, this wraps up our 2016 Awards portion of the year. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the Awards Show at the Trunk Space last night. We will now continue to cover all the new shit. More local, national, and international music coverage is on theRead More →

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20 Sundressed “Autopilot” Directed by Cory Davis 19 Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” Directed by Plastic Monsters 18 Confetti Club “Clutches of Emotion” Directed by Justin Humbert 17 Dadadoh “Do It” Directed by Bryan Preston 16 The Brothers Comatose “Black Light Moon” Directed by Colin Blackshear 15 Injury Reserve “All This Money”Read More →

sugar skull explosion

The father-daughter musical duo that makes up Sugar Skull Explosion had everyone talking in 2016. From their rambunctious onstage energy to their infectious lyrics, Sugar Skull Explosion is more than a gimmick. It’s a rowdy force that proves that parenting and punk can go hand-in-hand. The band released a 7-trackRead More →

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Smallpools “Run With Bulls” Soft Deadlines “One Hand Clapping” Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” State Line Syndicate “Borrowed Time” Bruiser Queen “Telepathic Mind” Hello Operator “Vex Money” [NSFW] Cannibal Animal “Grand Theft Manual”Read More →

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An Insider’s Introduction is a new series that focuses on the creative individuals that help make Arizona’s music scene so diverse and resplendent. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Jason Kron is a man unique unto himself. I was first introduced to him through his hiphop moniker “Hug of War” and soonRead More →