by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Born on March 3rd of this year, Gods & Clods, the fantastic third release and sophomoric full length effort from Strange Lot is an experimental, psychedelic trip to the beach and is the perfect album for some summertime sun. Building off their previous effortsRead More →

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We’d been wanting Strange Lot to come down to the Radio Phoenix Studios for some time so it was great to have them down in the laboratory mixing it up. We talked the new record, our love of Tucson music, and animated videos. And don’t forget that TONIGHT, March 4,Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Burden” Strange Lot “Born” High Waisted “Trust” Hypoluxo “Fronts” Nick Flessa “Michigan” Livingmore “Really Mean It” The Cats Never Sleep “Wide Open”Read More →

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Emby Alexander “In Your Doorstep Bleeding” Treasure Mammal “Missed Connections” Strange Lot “Supremium” Injury Reserve “Yo” Sundressed “Beck and Call”Read More →

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s just no way no cover every album that comes our way. Oh sure, we can and do try, but with an expanded area of coverage and a seemingly exponential growth in the number of bandsRead More →

Captain Squeegee “Seek” PRO TEENS “Mona” Lara Ruggles “Moon in My Heart” The Ghost Ease “Qwi Mai Yab” Strange Lot “The Horror”Read More →

We first got down with Strange Lot when the band released their single “Upside Dwners” last summer. The band followed up their single with the EP Walk of the Sun (read more here). Well, the hardworking folks over at Strange Lot are just getting the ball rolling, apparently. The band is preparing to releaseRead More →

The Thin Bloods Twin Tumors Vol. 2 Just less than a year after we were introduced to Twin Tumors Vol. 1,  The Thin Bloods have unveiled their second volume for waiting fans. Opening the album is the despondent and slightly aggressive but lively number “You’re the Same”, kicking off six grittyRead More →


Brian Lopez “Crossfire Cries” I don’t know what I love more about Brian Lopez: his voice or his musical sensibility. On “Crossfire Cries” you can hear the perfect merging of the two, a promising sign for his forthcoming album, Static Noise, which is set for release in September from Funzalo Records.Read More →