by Carly Schorman – RPM Orchestra “Hey You” RPM Orchestra cooked up something special for their new two-track Onus Records single including this new personal favorite from the camp, “Hey You”. The experimental orchestra perhaps best know for their innovative silent film soundtracking at Filmbar even created a visualizer (asRead More →

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Dessert “Back Around, Devil” Crushed Out “Out of the Blue” WASH ft. SupaJoint “Light Em Up” Juniper Douglas “Wood Rose” Mflux & The Bass Rangers ft. DJ Schlomo “Golden Hour” The Fem Doms “Dysania” Troup “Always on Fire”Read More →

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Captain Squeegee “Dually Noted” Hinds “Bamboo” Foeva “Puppy” Qais Essar “Poppy Flowers Bloom in the Springtime of My Love” Lucky Beaches “Who Do You Love?” pierre XO “disappear” Esbie Fonte “Yesterday’s News”  Read More →

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River Jones & Lorelei Linklater “Pure” Wyatt Blair “Monday Morning Mess” Geordie Kieffer “Red Lines” American Monoxide “Sciatic Nerve” Clipping. “Baby Don’t Sleep” f/g/g/t/failur “Axe All My Dreams As I Sit And Wait” Knox Hamilton “Washed Up Together”Read More →

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Fictionist “Free Spirit” Trails and Ways “My Things” Chris Staples “Golden Age” American Monoxide “Hot Lava Express” Henry Hall x Ellis “More Tiny” Overjoy “Holiday” Bogan Via “Can’t Go Back”Read More →

Pat “the Bunny” The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market The latest release from Tucson’s Pat “the Bunny” is one of those albums that makes all the shitty albums we have to sift through worth the effort. The aggressive folk heard in The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market reminds me of John Darnielle, butRead More →