Captain Squeegee “Seek” PRO TEENS “Mona” Lara Ruggles “Moon in My Heart” The Ghost Ease “Qwi Mai Yab” Strange Lot “The Horror”Read More →

5 Astounding Music Videos 00

Fairy Bones “Banshee” The Hourglass Cats “Be That Way” Lonna Kelley “Pretty Boy” Lost in Atlantis “Wild Kids” The Oxford Coma “Infrastatic + My Riad”Read More →

3 Stellar Southwestern Sounds title

The Lonesome Wilderness The Lonesome Wilderness I’m hooked on the southwestern sound of The Lonesome Wilderness. The Phoenix five-piece manages to infuse just enough garage grit in with their windswept psychedelia to keep things feisty. Their self-titled debut opens with “Cigarettes”, the first single from the EP. This track definitely putRead More →

3 Mellow New Releases title

Lonna Kelley Take Me Home Spiderman Even before I had a chance to sit down with Lonna Kelley’s latest release, a friend of mine told me she woke up thirty minutes early for work every day so she could listen to the album in its entirety. That’s quite a recommendation,Read More →

synth sounds

Social Lovers Enjoy the Ride The Phoenix act known as the Social Lovers released Enjoy the Ride on vinyl through Cherries Records outta Chicago and already the album is sold-out. Before you get too flustered, know that you can still get your internet hands on a digital copy. The lounge-style electronica makesRead More →

Mickey & the Mountains A Mantle Piece It was just about six months ago that Phoenix 4-piece Mickey & the Mountains released the single “Fatigue” which means six months of waiting for fans to get their hands on the rest of the album. A Mantle Piece dropped back in January at anRead More →

Sweet Shine “I’ve Seen the World” The Creeps “Reel Me In”   Captain Baby “Worshiping You” Injury Reserve “Black Sheep” The Riprats “Waiting”Read More →