Dominick Provenzano “Twilight Road”  Choosing a favorite single from Dominick Provenzano’s s/t solo debut was difficult, but as the challenge required repeated visits, I felt up to the challenge. Provenzano’s stellar songwriting style first made an impression on me back when he was performing with Day Before Plastics and, then,Read More →

james tritten 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Breaking new ground. It’s what every successful musician/artist/business person does to keep pushing forward, forever reaching the next personal, artistic, or financial goal. In the case of James Tritten and Fort Lowell Records, well, let’s just say they’ve done it again. James, husband of andRead More →

Jeremiah Craig’s campfire storytelling spins tall tales in Lost Keys in Lounge Strange By Matt Marn Staff Writer As singer/songwriter Jeremiah Craig grew up, singing around the campfire went hand-in-hand with the tall tales that always take shape in the blaze and under the stars. And, once he picked up theRead More →