The Songbird Award: Karima Walker

karima 000The only thing that competes with Karima Walker’s stunning song construction is her heart-stirring voice. Walker unveiled Hands in Our Names, recorded at Five Thirteen Recording, back in June and the limited edition cassette already sold out.

Senior editor Carly Schorman wrote of the album, “Combining elements of drone and folk, Walker crafts layers of sound that can have an eerie effect on the listener, like a half-remembered dream or half-forgotten lover.” And, of Walker’s vocal layers, she wrote, “the juxtaposition of Walker’s ethereal voice against the rough, occasionally grating (gently grating, never overly-grating) effects, creates an interesting aural relationship – one that I could spend hours entrenched in.”

Hands in Our Names is experimental and beautiful in the same breath. Karima Walker’s entrancing voice lends itself to the minimal production in such a way as to give it substance beyond its structure. If you haven’t done so already, spend some time with Hands in Our Names by Karima Walker below…


Original review of Hands In Our Names by Karima Walker

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The Songbird Award: Anamieke of Treasurefruit

Anamieke 01

Every year an extraordinary singer tends to stand out amongst the others, often for the possession of a lithe, ethereal voice. Anamieke of Treasurefruit has all that but she brings an extra splash of feistiness. Her band’s 2015 release, Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert, combines Anamieke’s scintillating vocal styles with some serious (and seriously fun) rocknroll. Tresurefruit’s been playing the local circuit for several years now so we’ve been waiting on this debut release for some time. Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert fuses sultry with Sonoran for a bluesy, pyschadelic sound uniquely suited to the dark bars of our dusty cities. And through it all is Anamieke’s singular vocal stylings as they move from playful and kittenish (“Giddy Up”) to pensive (“This Point in Time”) to heart-wrenching (“Burn Much Brighter”). She takes this year’s Songbird Award for that reason. Check out Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert here if you haven’t already.


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