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Gringo Star “Get Closer” Psych-rockers Gringo Star make acid-tinged alt-rock perfect for summer. Their single “Get Closer” from the forthcoming The Sides And In Between has amped-up energy and a garage rock feel. Gringo Star brings to mind The Strokes at certain moments with their overly saturated vocals, but there is something aRead More →

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The Brothers Comatose “Black Light Moon” Foreign Language “Then” Something Like December “Pull These Strings” Foxtails Brigade “No Fate” Coffee Pot “sights/sounds”Read More →

by Song River Staff Writer Dialing in from Tempe, the rock band Something Like December is bringing home some much needed rock. Not wired in the typical-sounding dial tone either, it’s true alternative music, making SLD a solid contender in the explosive music machine happening in Arizona right now. Their firstRead More →