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The dudes from Soft Deadlines rolled into the Radio Phoenix studios before the release of their latest album, People Are Evil, and now the broadcast archive is available for all…Read More →

koleżanka, Sun System, Willetta, The Edisons, Elna Rae, Black Paw, Soft Deadlines, Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds, and Zodiac Bash

Before the successful release of last year’s Straight Outta Comp, Lumberjerk Records founder Justin Weir already had plans of releasing a second volume. His hope was to feature other bands he hadn’t yet worked with and possibly have twice as many songs on the next compilation, with all the profits continuingRead More →

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Sundressed “A Little Less Put Together” Never Let This Go “Break You” Veio “Structures” Soft Deadlines “This City is Hell” Strange Her “Cannons” Formation “A Friend” Lake Combover “I Know Where You Are (But I Don’t Know Where You’ve Gone)”Read More →

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Smallpools “Run With Bulls” Soft Deadlines “One Hand Clapping” Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” State Line Syndicate “Borrowed Time” Bruiser Queen “Telepathic Mind” Hello Operator “Vex Money” [NSFW] Cannibal Animal “Grand Theft Manual”Read More →


by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Ohioan “Bad Attitude” Tucson’s Ohioan is preparing for their release of a limited edition tape through Baby Tooth, a cassette label. “Bad Attitude” is the first single from the forthcoming EMPTY // EVERY MT. I was just about halfway through my first listen (which, btw, isRead More →

Head Over Heart  “You and Me” Japhy’s Descent “The Pocket” Soft Deadlines “Venice is Sinking” The Darling Sounds “Chemistry” Human Behavior “Chapter 1”Read More →

Wight Lhite Beyond the Satellites Tucson’s Wight Lhite is pretty awesome so if you haven’t yet had a chance to check them out, I suggest starting with the link to their album. It’s okay. I’ll wait… Beyond the Satellites has a mellow, psych-rock feel that I can totally get behind. From theRead More →

The moment I hear “Post Punk” I go straight into happy feet mode and my head starts bobbing back and forth. Nice Try from Soft Deadlines is filled with slashing guitars and danceable drum and bass work ala Birthday Party, Gang of Four and Wire. The trio of Oliver Lemke(vocals/guitars), Justin Weir(bass/vocals),Read More →