7 Strange & Wondrous Music Videos featuring Sarah Bethe Nelson, Rum for Breakfast, Gus D. Wynns & The Breakers, Ziemba, Snailmate, Los Esplifs, + Northwest…Read More →

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by Chris Nunley Staff Writer “You two have a blessed day and come back and see us,” says the sales clerk at a local music supply store. “Thank god they had the drum head I needed because there’s no other music store in town” says Ariel Monet, the lanky yetRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – “Being in a band is tough. Being in a band with a significant other is even harder – just ask Greg Allman and Cher, Lindsey and Stevie or Liam and Noel (OK, so the Gallagher brothers weren’t really a couple but they sure didRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Ms. Maura & The Misters “Snowmen in L.A.” This upbeat number about the holiday season in Sunny Los Angeles is something desert rats like me can relate to. Lack of snowmen, or snow for that matter, won’t bring us down. Ms. Maura & TheRead More →

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Oh man…if there is one thing that I do love in this world more than music, it’s food. Particularly lasagna. It’s probably the single most evolutionary dish on the planet because it evolves after preparation. Sure, you could eat it immediately after it’s ready. ButRead More →

Ariel Monet and Kalen Lander, the duo known as Snailmate, came down to Radio Phoenix for a 420 special. We discuss the dangers of Kool-Aid drinking contests, the Snailmate EP trifecta, and play a bunch of great tracks that the band sent over for the show. Now available in podcastRead More →

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We’re lauching a new series that focuses on the creative individuals that help make Arizona’s music scene so diverse and resplendent. Get an Insider’s Introduction with Mark Anderson to learn more about the bands who make the Valley’s scene thrive! by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Snailmate is a unique congregation: simultaneouslyRead More →

The Love Me Nots “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me” The Love Me Nots revamped the originally released by Elvis Presley in 1957 on Elvis’ Christmas Album, “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me”. If you want your holiday to be extra rocking, just listen to this track a few timesRead More →

by Chris Nunley Contributing Writer I’m a minimalist and a firm believer in the maxim “less is more”. If I could describe Snailmate’s debut EP, Escargot, in three words, they would be: frenetic, dynamic, and fun. But in this case, few words can not give this album justice. From startRead More →

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Twin Ponies “Merciless and Masculine” This first single from the new Twin Ponies’ album has me super stoked for their forthcoming release, Friendly Pet Mass Graves. “Merciless and Masculine” offers listeners a dynamic track full of uniquely timed musicality and unstoppable rocknroll energy. I am hooked and counting down the days untilRead More →