4th wave ska 500

by Mark Anderson – No other music but Ska I feel quite has the power to evoke either pure nostalgic memories and/or fury intent on inciting riots at the same time. For those of us that danced into the depths of a skanking pit, we might look back to aRead More →

rocksteady feat

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – For some us, the moment we hear the “upbeat” stroke in music, we’re done. I mean, we’re wrecked, nothing else will come close to providing that joyous feeling music can bring – for when it hits, you feel no pain. Here are some theRead More →

bear ghost featured

The feisty Phoenix four-piece known as Bear Ghost creates a veritable smorgasbord of sound on their 2016 release, Blasterpiece.  Delivering a high-energy funk, Bear Ghost offers fluidly fuses elements of various genres for a totally unique and unified sound. If you spend some time with Blasterpiece, and really delve into the musical permutationsRead More →

Jackie Cruz 01

Jackie Cruz is a musician, DJ, and all around music aficionado. When not performing with her bands, Jade Helm and Man Hands, you might find her DJing around town and spinning her super hip collection of obscure gems. We asked her to share some of her favorite musical finds forRead More →

kongo shock 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Kongo Shock is reuniting and playing The Hall at Pranksters Too on May 9th. I must say I’m pretty excited about it. Hailing from an era “before my time”, Kongo Shock thrived back when I was just getting into ska/punk/reggae music. Albeit I was two statesRead More →

Ladies 01

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor “Vengeance”, the first track off the new Liam and the Ladies album Tour EP, strikes at the heart of the Ladies’ enduring and growing presence as one of the premier ska acts in the Valley. They’re inflicting righteous retribution on those who would dare say “skaRead More →

Fayuca Barrio Sideshow I always liked the idea of Fayuca more than I liked the music: Latin influenced punk-ska-reggae with vocals in both English and Spanish, what’s not to like right? For me, it was their delivery. It just never pulled at me. Thankfully, I can say all that hasRead More →