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AHMIR “My Love” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Slow Skies “Dancing” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Nick Summit “Elena” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram All The Luck In The World “Contrails” Facebook – Spotify Inara George “Slow Dance” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Lettie Maclean and David Baron “SaveRead More →


by Carly Schorman – Avi Jacob “Pickup Truck” Ask anyone down at #YabYumHQ and they tell you I have a propensity for sad  bastard music. It’s my thing. Avi Jacob dives deep into that well of emotions we all harbor inside to offer compassion and clarity, but it might breakRead More →

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Eli & the Itches “At Least Not Yet” Website – Facebook – Instagram Jef Maarawi “Forest” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Fear and Love “Dark Garden” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp Nahko “Dragonfly” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jessie Jo Stark “Deadly Doll” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  RIVVRS “Don’t Give Up onRead More →

Mattiel “Count Your Blessings” Mattiel’s s/t debut LP came out through Burger Records in September, but it’s already sold out. Just like the slick 7″ single that first featured “Count Your Blessings” sold out. Basically, you better just follow Mattiel so you don’t miss your window on those vinyl releases.Read More →

Dominick Provenzano “Twilight Road”  Choosing a favorite single from Dominick Provenzano’s s/t solo debut was difficult, but as the challenge required repeated visits, I felt up to the challenge. Provenzano’s stellar songwriting style first made an impression on me back when he was performing with Day Before Plastics and, then,Read More →

Tall Tall Trees “Being There” Leah Senior “All My Friends” Sofia Imas “Cold” Finn Kleffmann “Freckles” Ratnang Singh “Falling from the Skies” Some Dark Hollow “Be the Man”  EllaHarp “Dirty Money”Read More →

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Gestures & Sounds “Ass Over Tea Kettle”  Charly Bliss “Westermarck”  J.D. King “Midnight Rendezvous”  Saint Cecilia “We Know Us” Long Teeth “Nice Guys” Michelle Wake “A Soiree” Amber Mark “Monsoon”Read More →

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Upsahl “Can You Hear Me Now” This new single from PHX songwriter [Taylor] Upsahl is like that first cherry limeade of summer: refreshingly bubbly and bright as the noon sun. Once you are afloat on Upsahl’s buoyant pop sound, the weight of the lyrics can begin to take hold, butRead More →

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We’re super excited to host the premiere of Delafaye’s latest single, “West Coast Vibes” from his forthcoming EP, Highlands. Now, I first heard the music of Andrew Shockley (aka Delafaye) with the artist’s 2016 EP, The Hilltop. His somber style and heart-torn voice immediately caught my attention. Since then, I’ve been tryingRead More →


The SunPunchers “Screwtop Head” The SunPunchers released two singles in prelude to their new EP which comes out THIS WEEKEND. These songs have a sticky summer warmth, like laying on a screened-in porch on a day buzzing with mosquitoes. There is an aesthetic here of sun tea and swimming holesRead More →

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Tom Woodward “Beautiful Shadows” Gabe Kubanda “Sugar” Valerio Lysander “Cotton” Candice Gordon “The Laws of Nature” Scotty Hills “Won’t Be Back” Leslie Clio “Darkness is a Filler” Project Tom Buffalo “Kill it All & Grow Some More”Read More →