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by Allyson Bills

Spring in Phoenix means catching some rays before the onslaught of 120 degree weather, as well as an abundance of shows throughout the Valley. Adding to the spring fun, local non-profit station KWSS is hosting their second annual “KWSS Radio Spring Fundraiser Plus One Show” on May 3 at Last Exit Live starting at 6 PM…Read More →

Scattered Melodies “Black Hole” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram The Woodworks “Elephant” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram The Sink or Swim “Life After Midnight” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram King Dream “Money + Power” Facebook – TwitterRead More →

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Scattered Melodies “You Bad” Helen Kelter Skelter “GUUD” Captain Squeegee “Our Children” KNIFE FIGHTER “For Profit Prophet” Handsome Naked “CATZ” Daniel “Best Damn Party” Ori Dagan “Bibimbap”Read More →

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Paper Foxes “Indica Feels” Maïa Vidal “Mama (Told Me So Again)” Wyves “PUPPYCAT” Scattered Melodies “Trying to Find Me” Drop Legs “Lizzy” The Sink or Swim “Arizona” Jawni Doo Dat “Joleene”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Karima Walker “Lullaby” Ever have one of those days where every song sounds the same? That was my day and then I heard “Lullaby” from Tucson’s Karima Walker. The song had a way of soothing my weary soul (and ears). Mellow and meditative, “Lullaby” isRead More →

5 rad music videos

Phantom Party “Derby Daze” Scattered Melodies “Community” Sam Means “Other Side of You” Marianne Dissard “Heaven Is For Blobfishes” Sonoran Chorus “Hack”Read More →

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Huckleberry Problems Huckleberry lands somewhere toward the Americana side of the indie spectrum with their mild-mannered, desert-infused rocknroll. Their much anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Fine Highway dropped in September. Problems offers listeners eight tracks of Huckleberry gold for fans new and old. The album opens with “Trouble is Real” which reveals the band has subduedRead More →

Who doesn’t love a good fundraiser? We all should know that only by supporting our local art and music scene can we hope to see it survive and thrive. Here are five fundraisers you can stand behind! Fund Hasty Escape’s Full-Length –The Filthier Things I don’t know how excited you areRead More →

Scattered Melodies Release Date: June 20th The musical pairing of Josh Montag and Jake Johnston first caught our attention with their collaborative undertaking, a.k.a. their first album, A Collective Agreement. Joining with other local artists, the duo creates songs together to be shared and performed in cooperation. A new full-length isRead More →

Albums are good. Bands make good albums…. Blanche Beach Blanche Beach Describing the sound of Blanche Beach has become an exercise in contraction; it’s sorta pop and it’s sorta punk but it’s definitely not pop-punk. It’s more rocknroll than anything and occasionally that rock becomes grinding and aggressive like onRead More →

Skinny Shamans “Skeleteen” Cheery-sounding sad-bastard music might be my new favorite genre. There’s just something about the sweet and cynical all mixed up together and set to a beat you can bop your head to. That’s what you get with the Skinny Shamans: fun-loving music for your world-weary soul. CheckRead More →