by Carly Schorman – Casey Cope “Indigo Blues” Casey Cope is gearing up to release his debut EP with this fresh jam, “Indigo Blues”. The Bay Area artist produced the new single, which also features the vocal stylings of Alexis Angulo and guitarwork by Ian Santillano. “Indigo Blues” kicks off withRead More →

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Veronica Bianqui “Victim” Singer-songwriter (and multi-instrumentalist) Veronica Bianqui offers a promising new voice on the indie scene. Her latest single, “Victim”, is both tribute and affirmation in addressing the loss of her sister to opioid addiction. Facebook– Twitter – Instagram – iTunes PAVVLA “This Is Not A Movie” The lofi,Read More →

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Francesca Blanchard “Free” French-American singer-songwriter Francesca Blanchard now calls Vermont home, but her rich and earthy voice is being carried well beyond the maple region. Her latest single, “Free”, was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy which has created quite a bit of buzz for this up-and-coming artist. Facebook –Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Mignon Gould and I am the founder and Agent-in-Chief of, an online style and entertainment publication featuring the works of creatives in fashion, film, and pop culture. How did you get your start? Several years ago I workedRead More →

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XYLØ “I Still Wait for You” The L.A. duo behind XYLØ consists of Chase Duddy (producer/drummer/songwriter ) and his younger sister, Paige (vocalist/songwriter). The pair have me wondering what my brother and I might have accomplished if we spent all that time arguing over the remote control cultivating those music skills. I stillRead More →

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Jesse Konrad “Cruise Ctrl” Tucson’s Jesse Henderson, who records under than moniker Jesse Konrad, undertook this new musical effort following the breakup of his last band, Fischer Kings. Dropping the surname for the middle one, Jesse Konrad follows the indie-folk of the artist’s previous project, but on his single, “Cruise Ctrl”,Read More →

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CAT “You Belong to Me” L.A.’s Cat Pierce, formerly of The Pierces, has ditched the surname and embarked upon a solo, and single-syllable, project. CAT penned the track while, and I quote, “micro-dosing with mushrooms,” but don’t expect some tripped out, SoCal stoner jam sess. The artist’s journey is ultimately aRead More →

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Samuel Proffitt “Sladky Pt. 2” This single comes to us from The Grey Notebook which was released earlier this year by producer Samuel Proffitt. Part One, for those that are interested, was released a couple of years back on Proffitt’s Blue Notebook and both tracks feature the gentle vocals of singer/songwriter Khai. “Sladky Pt. 2”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Anna Ash “Player” This single from Anna Ash comes to us from the album, Floodlights, which came out in September. A 1970s smooth guitar kicks things off before Ash’s voice slinks in to steal the show. There’s a throwback style here that reminds me of ThreeRead More →

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Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs “Hey Bay” Sunday at Noon “Brain Damage” Maadwest “Skateboard” Labor Party “Underbelly” Moovalya “Flatline” The Yeahtones “A Real Song” Joeseph Jaymes “Dick in the Dirt”Read More →

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Foxtails Brigade “We Are Not Ourselves” Orangubang ft. Kalen Lander from Snailmate “Wet, Not Gross” Susan “I’ve Been Known” Peach Kelli Pop “Heart Eyes” W.A.S.H. “Get Back to Twerk”Read More →