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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor For a band that chose the name “Sonoran Chorus” over “Business Cats”, they are doing surprisingly well for themselves. Born from the ashes of 2014’s best pun-based-band-name Leonardo DiCapricorn, Sonoran Chorus not only steps up the smarts in band naming, but in ridiculously good rocknrollRead More →

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Playboy Manbaby came down to Radio Phoenix to join us on Rise! and they brought along some great tunes from other local artists to share. Give it a listen (it’s worth it just to hear Mr. Cosme’s hyped up shout-outs, trust us). You can find the complete playlist below. Playlist:Read More →

by Joe Golfen Contributing Writer Most of the time, a band’s name doesn’t mean much. Not so for San Francisco’s Couches, whose brand of fuzzy indie-rock seems tailor-made for people inclined to sit around on a sofa all day. Preferably a sofa on a sunny patio. Preferably with a goodRead More →

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Parliament might be gone but Rubber Brother Records is still going strong. It seems as if this year, the Tempe label is going beyond their rowdy roots to incorporate new styles and new locales into their collective discography. Here are three new tapes that I would suggest you get yourRead More →

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No Volcano Who Saved the Party?  No Volcano released their first full-length album on Saturday at The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix to quite a hefty crowd complete with a mosh pit of thrashing teens on the underage side of the barrier; a barrier that I’ve learned to appreciate more withRead More →

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As you well know, our Awards Month every January is our time to acknowledge the albums that really helped define the year for us. And, every year, we reserve “Album of the Year” for that one album that has really marked the year: the one we gave to friends, theRead More →

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I was very upset to learn that the members of Of the Painted Choir, a Phoenix favorite, were going on their separate ways earlier this year when frontman Frederick Huang returned to Tucson to attend school. It seemed like only yesterday that Fred made the move from Tucson to Phoenix and started OTPC.Read More →

Wooden Indian Color is Work Wooden Indian creates a sort of magical dreamscape for listeners to wander through on Color is Work. The album, which the band released back in 2012, was recently re-issued on cassette through Rubber Brother Records. And I, for one, am thrilled with the re-release. Color is Work mightRead More →


Rubber Brother Records fostered a cassette revival in the Valley of the Sun. Averaging more than one cassette release per week over the course of their very first year. The label decided to take part in this year’s Cassette Store Day – tape culture’s answer to Record Store Day –Read More →

After another sold-out show at the Crescent Ballroom, Playboy Manbaby fans now can get their hands on the latest cassette and (dare I say?) the best album from the band. Ever. It’s true. Electric Babyman, which was released to expectant fans on Saturday, August 23rd, finds the Manbabies moving beyond those adolescentRead More →

Rubber Brother

Of the Painted Choir Barbarous The seven track release from Of the Painted Choir left fans with quite a swan song in the wake of the band’s amicable demise (frontman Fred Huang is moving back to Tucson). The album opens with “Cactus Wren” and immediately sets an uplifting but dreamyRead More →


by Mark Anderson, Senior Editor Holy crap. It’s been a frickin’ year since Rubber Brother Records appeared outta nowhere (not quite) and completely changed the game of the Tempe/Arizona/entire DIY music scene, and I must say, I am continually impressed with these young folks and their relaxed determination. I meanRead More →