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Protomartyr “Wheel of Fortune” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Fever Feel “Somewhere Down the Line” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram KALO “Wild Change” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Peluca “Wayside” Trope “Lambs” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram American Standards “WEEP” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Compass & Cavern “Before ItRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – Shovel “Monty” The first single from Shovel’s forthcoming LP has all that fiery energy one gets at a live Shovel show. This punk two-piece from Phoenix packs the punch of a full band experience and fans should be excited for a new take-home experience, It’s Fun toRead More →

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In our first Editor’s Choice show of 2018, we pick out a bunch of brand new singles as well as take a look back on some of our favorites from 2017. Dale Rasmussen also joins us to talk up YabYum’s new podcast, Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula. Check it out.Read More →

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by Joe Golfen – When performing with Phoenix punk rockers The Combat Medic, Gil Rodriguez’s songs are quick blasts of energy, steeped in classic rock and roll but delivered with snarling punk energy. His solo effort, released under the name Ghost in The Willow, finds Rodriguez stripping things back andRead More →

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Sunday At Noon “Autumn Moon” The Phoenix 4-piece known as Sunday At Noon makes those video game afternoons a reality (sorta) in their latest music video. Don’t worry. No band members were harmed during the filming of “Autumn Moon”. The track comes from the band’s s/t LP which you canRead More →

by Carly Schorman – The Psychedelephants “Photosynthetic” There are hills and valleys on “Photosynthetic” but fans of The Psychedelephants should expect nothing else from one of the band’s musical experiences. They are dynamic; expansive. And that’s just two ways to describe the band’s latest album: Amalgamation. Each track is its own journeyRead More →

Capitano “Good Time” Bruiser Queen “Sugar High” New Chums “Come On, Come On” Sugarmen “Push Button Age” Ten Minute Detour “Betty” Satellite Citi “Undead”  Tooth & Nail “Blood Sugar”Read More →

Stinkeye “No Spoon” Bruiser Queen “Have Fun” Vinyl Tigers “Heart for None” Forever Cult “Codeine” Hightower “The Party” OTHERKIN “React” Document “Intermission”Read More →

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The Smiling Faces gang came down to the Radio Phoenix studios and now we have the podcast available for all your lovely faces as well. Michael, Matt, Eric, and Dan each brought a few tracks down and we did our best to play a couple picks from each. If youRead More →

Wyves “Bitch Has Got Problems” The Phoenix four-piece known as Wyves is known for sassy and sexy rocknroll. In fact, their brand of rock harkens back to the 1970s when the phrase “Sex, Drugs, and Rocknroll” was first coined (no surprise).  Wyves’ latest single, “Bitch Has Got Problems”, is asRead More →