Playboy Manbaby “You Can Be A Fascist Too” To mark this heinous election season, hometown heros Playboy Manbaby unleashed this new single, “You Can Be A Fascist Too”, in November. Listeners will find the same feisty, unmanageable energy that first secured the staggering fanbase of angsty youngsters (and not-quite-that-young-sters), but there seemsRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Wolvves Paradox Valley Before you embark on the new Wolvves’ album, the first thing you’re going to want to do is forget everything you think you know about Wolvves. This isn’t the Millennial Party Band of days past. Paradox Valley represents a shift not onlyRead More →

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Elephant Gunn “Birds” The new single from Phoenix’s Elephant Gunn might start off with a solid alt-rock slant, but wait for it, the energy goes up. Way up. “Birds” lays it all out. This is a bar band and they have the grit to prove it. The new single comesRead More →

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Socks “Forevermore” The four-piece from Modesto, CA that performs under the moniker Socks combines the talents of Gabbi Krikke (vocals), Joey Oliveira (guitar), Josh Hoogendoorn (bass), and Aaron Inacio (drums). “Forevermore” is the first single from Socks and it shows some serious promise for what’s to come from this newbie band.Read More →

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Doll Skin “Furious Fixation” Schnarff Schnarff “Flip the Cross” Calabrese “The Dark is Who I Am/ Drift into Dust” Potty Mouth “Smash Hit” Boigirl “Blame (Trilogy Part 1)” Jane N’ The Jungle “Smoke & Dust” Sunshower “GLMK”Read More →

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Gringo Star “Get Closer” Psych-rockers Gringo Star make acid-tinged alt-rock perfect for summer. Their single “Get Closer” from the forthcoming The Sides And In Between has amped-up energy and a garage rock feel. Gringo Star brings to mind The Strokes at certain moments with their overly saturated vocals, but there is something aRead More →

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by Chris Nunley Staff Writer – One of the great things about finding and listening to new music is the chance to research the history behind the artist – and it never ceases to amaze me how many musicians in the Phoenix area have their hands in more than oneRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor KONGOS Egomaniac This might sound a bit presumptuous, but I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy the music of Kongos. Comprised of four brothers from “Phoenix by way of London and Johannesburg,” KONGOS blends alt-rock with kwaito for a sound all their own. The band’sRead More →

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Closing the Distance is a new series in which we try to expose artists with desert roots who have since moved to other locales. Let’s bring this community a little closer together. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor How do I describe Garth Hockersmith? When I went looking for someone to startRead More →

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An Insider’s Introduction is a new series that focuses on the creative individuals that help make Arizona’s music scene so diverse and resplendent.  by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Charles Kendall is an unassuming individual. Soft spoken with a relaxed attitude so I was intrigued to find out he played drums for the hard rockRead More →

Twingiant “Tiger Lily” The Oxford Coma “Canadian Questionmark” Fate of the Galaxies “Muse in My Eyes” Scattered Guts “Under The Living Receiver “Because Dinosaurs Still Rule the Earth”Read More →