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Robbie Pfeffer might be best know for his work with the weird punk band, Playboy Manbaby, but he’s also an established musical tastemaker. True story. And he was kind enough to put aside some time to share with us the ten tracks he thinks everyone should hear…Read More →

robbie pfeffer 700

Robbie Pfeffer is a swell dude who makes some cool music. The front man of Playboy Manbaby, the band released two albums in 2018 and we had him on The YabYum Hour just after the release of their latest effort, Boundless Vanity. Along with some new PBMB tunes, we wanted to play some of the artists that have recently shared a bill with Playboy Manbaby…Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – So, I’ve been a Playboy Manbaby fan since the band’s inception or, at least, since their very first show. And, as I’ve stated before, they keep getting better with every single album they put out (which is really saying something considering the band has been consistentlyRead More →


by Mark Anderson, Senior Editor Holy crap. It’s been a frickin’ year since Rubber Brother Records appeared outta nowhere (not quite) and completely changed the game of the Tempe/Arizona/entire DIY music scene, and I must say, I am continually impressed with these young folks and their relaxed determination. I meanRead More →

Bummeritaville is Playboy Manbaby’s follow up to the Obsessive Repulsive EP that came out last year. This is their longest release to date clocking in at just under half an hour and shows the band taking a more ambitious route. The production value is definitely bumped up and this projectRead More →

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We had some technical difficulties in January during the live show so we’re sharing the podcast early. Robbie Pfeffer and Gage Olesen of Rubber Brother Records joined us on the air for an hour of good times and swell music. The complete playlist can be found below. Don’t forget toRead More →

There are those who talk about doing and those who actually do. Robbie Pfeffer and Gage Olesen of Rubber Brother Records are definitely do-ers. Love the music they put out or you hate it (we love it, btw), you have to respect the fact that the label boys have keptRead More →

We were there back in June when Rubber Brother Records made their Phoenix debut with a 5 tape release at the Trunk Space. At the time, Rubber Brother held a healthy starting roster of a dozen bands. Over the summer, we’ve watched that number swell to over 35 acts. WeirdRead More →

This weekend marks the official launch of Rubber Brother Records, Phoenix’s newest and perhaps most promising music label. Yet another entity to emerge from the unceasingly creative mind of Robbie Pfeffer, Rubber Brother Records already signed many of the weird art bands I already love and a bunch of weirdRead More →

A Claire Slattery holds her degree. There’s always a little apprehension as graduation day approaches. So many young upstarts capture our attention while in college. Then they graduate. And, sometimes they leave. Or, worse, they put their art on the back-burner so they can focus their attention on earning theirRead More →

Wow. Has it been a whole month already? This month didn’t just fly by. It zoomed past in a supersonic jet! In case you missed any of our awards, here’s a breakdown of who got what and what got said!  Boy Wonder Award: Robbie Pfeffer The Dark Horse Award: LaurenRead More →