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Surma “Hemma” Rock Band for Old Men “Eat Some Snacks & Cry”  Jerusafunk “Respect My Lust” River Jones “Fortunes and Violence” Dreadcat & the Transitional Wave “Captain’s Hat” Happy Rain “Happy Birthday” Rauw Vlees “Dear Human Being”Read More →

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River Jones & Lorelei Linklater “Pure” Wyatt Blair “Monday Morning Mess” Geordie Kieffer “Red Lines” American Monoxide “Sciatic Nerve” Clipping. “Baby Don’t Sleep” f/g/g/t/failur “Axe All My Dreams As I Sit And Wait” Knox Hamilton “Washed Up Together”Read More →

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The Haymarket Squares “Let’s Start A Riot” Clay Dudash “Three’s a Crowd” River Jones “Pass the Time” Doll Skin “Wring Me Out” PWEST (prod. Jaguarsun) “August 14th”Read More →

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Party Gardens Moon Synth-heavy indie rockers out of L.A. known as Party Gardens counts some Phoenix transplants amongst its ranks including members of Yellow Minute and What Laura Says. The group released Moon on March 27th. The six track album combines appropriately Cali-inspired surf and psychedelia with an effervescent indie pop that reminds me of otherRead More →

Okay, so we all know River Jones is a pretty happening guy. I mean, he has his own label, his own agency,  he’s part of the Craftpop collective for world domination PR and Artist Development, and he still had time to mix and master the new North Dakota album. Just this monthRead More →

We all need to contribute to our communities. Whether you give time or money, something of yourself must be given to ensure the betterment of our communities. It’s your social responsibility. Here are a few worthy recipients of your new-found (or, perhaps, long-standing) commitment to system functionality.  _ We’re big proponents of vinyl.Read More →

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how 2013 is going to be their year. In fact, I’m one of them. I’m a big proponent of the Katt Williams’ “Keep it Pushing” approach to life. River Jones is also of this ilk.    When I returned to Arizona andRead More →

Oftentimes, we’ve heard of someone before we hear their album, especially if that album is really good. Not always, but often. We’re forever running into wonderful people who are quick to say, “Have you heard … yet?” Sometimes we get a great album sent to us by a kid workingRead More →