burgandy jurk 700

by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

On Friday, June 28th, I made an eventful return to the venue where I covered my first local event review for YabYum: the prolific and punky Rip’s Bar of Phoenix. Like my visit last year, the bar remained frozen in time, with its regulars lining up for a night of “rock and excitement” headlined by buRgandy juRk, with support from Critical Miss, The Maybe Next Years, and El Googly Diablo. Or was it two years ago? That two-year binge period felt like I was frozen in carbonite…Read More →

So some of you might say, “What’s the deal? Two Last Exit Live shows back to back of each other both get picked for the week?!” My only answer: Look at the line-ups of both shows! Add that to the fact that Zero Zero’s show is a live album recordingRead More →

Holy smokes there are a ton of sweet shows happening this week! Plan your week now, it’s gonna’ be a doozy! For more shows, make sure to check our Upcoming Shows page. Are you an Arizona musician/band? Email your flyer to yymeditors@gmail.comRead More →