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Comp for a Cause | The Trunk Space

Like many others, our favorite community center and concert venue is feeling the COVID crunch. However, The Trunk Space has long served as a creative multipurpose room and launching pad for local artists and those just passing through our dusty stretch to desert. And those artists remember what The Trunk Space has done for them and this community. Together with the help of Related Records, Dark Hall Coffee, and The Coronado, these artists released a whopping 42-track compilation to support The Trunk Space…

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The Quarantine Questionnaire: Ryan Avery

Who are you and are you in a band or do you perform solo? If in a band(s), what is the name of that band?

My name is Ryan Avery (they/them pronouns). I’m in a Queer Ska band called The Terri’s — we don’t have any recordings, havent played any shows and are on hiatus because of COVID but I am one of the 4 singers in the band. I also perform solo under the name “Hi My Name Is Ryan” which consists of me just singing songs and telling stories and doing other forms of performance art…

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Episode 03: Ryan Avery

Episode 03: Ryan Avery
Band Basics

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Ryan Avery joined us for our third episode of Band Basics and we talk the basics on forming a band, running a label, not sinking your money into backstock plus a whole lot more. Hosted by Mark Anderson, catch this hour long conversation with Ryan and (hopefully) learn a thing or two as they discuss a myriad of topics about being in a band…

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