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BATS “Beirut” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp Red Tank! “Destroy Me” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Fortune’s Folly “Wouldn’t Make You Mine” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Them Swoops “Summer Daze” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Overplay “Stop Dragging Me Down” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify  Velvela “Prowl” FacebookRead More →

3 Fun + Feisty New Releases

by Carly Schorman – Andy Warpigs Counter Culture​-​Shock! Andy Warpigs’ 2014 release, Folk-Punk Yourself, pretty much secured his place in the annals of Phoenix underground music forever, but it’s his sophomore full-length that might supplant that debut as the official YabYum favorite. Counter Culture-Shock! has an angst-laden grit much darker than previousRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The PHX outfit known as Red Tank! takes just the right amount of rowdy and arty and smashes them together for a Postmodern sound that will delight punks both new and old. In fact, we liked the band’s 2016 release, BIO/FEEDBACK, so much we gaveRead More →

2016 awards recap

Alrighty gang, this wraps up our 2016 Awards portion of the year. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the Awards Show at the Trunk Space last night. We will now continue to cover all the new shit. More local, national, and international music coverage is on theRead More →

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The ruckus energy of Red Tank! really comes through in their 2016 release, BIO/FEEDBACK, which came out last August. The album contains ten tracks of rowdy noise punk that will suck the angst right out of your ear holes. According to their Bandcamp page, Red Tank! crafts “dystopian punk for millennial scum”Read More →

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Red Tank! came down to the Radio Phoenix studios and we had a blast talking up music and bands. We chatted about the wall of noise, new songs, and snowed-out tours. And, of course, they brought along some stellar tracks that we were jazzed to play and, as always, the complete playlistRead More →

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Okilly Dokilly “White Wine Spritzer” La Bête Blooms “Breaking In” Sonoran Chorus “Dog” Frequency Within “Wonder” Red Tank! “Anthropocene” Surviving the Era “City Church” Moth Wings “I Used to Hate Myself”Read More →

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For many of you, Jalipaz will be a familiar name that holds an enduring (and endearing) place in your heart. For others, you might be asking, “Who or what is a Jalipaz?” Well, for starters, he’s an accomplished sound engineer responsible for recording many of YabYum’s favorite albums and bandsRead More →

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s just no way no cover every album that comes our way. Oh sure, we can and do try, but with an expanded area of coverage and a seemingly exponential growth in the number of bandsRead More →

Harrison Fjord “Approximately 906 Miles” Red Tank! “The Void” Black Bottom Lighters “Pipe Dream” Calabrese “Down in Misery” Phantom Party “Stellar”Read More →

Gardens & Villa “Everybody” Lindy Vision “White Horse” White Fang “Bong Rip” Red Tank! “Post-Apocalyptic Nostalgia” Myrlin “The OH”Read More →

Harper and the Moths “Nighttime Tremors” Sundressed “Naked” Red Tank! “Sovereignty” Sol Drop “Woah!” SURF “National City”Read More →