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by Carly Schorman – Truvonne “Crazy Love” “Crazy Love” started out as a simple freestyle before Truvonne decided to flesh it out into a fully-formed single. That’s rad because last year it was Truvonne’s “Alright” that had us enthralled (and made our Best of 2017 list). “Crazy Love” has thatRead More →

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Heart Society “Rocket” Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger and Benjamin Eichelberger, the married duo behind Heart Society, called the Valley home not too long ago and they have the Phoenix New Times awards to prove it. In 2015, they cashed out and bought a trailer to take their musical message to the road. FastRead More →

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Carlos Arzate “Broken Glass” “Broken Glass” is the first single from Carlos Arzate’s forthcoming release, Camaleon. The Tucson songwriter went back to soulful music of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke to find the right tones for this latest endeavor and the end result is powerful.  A moving declamation for this era ofRead More →

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J.W.J. “Ways To Go” Jeremy Jones, who performs under the moniker J.W.J., started his musical career back in his Indiana hometown playing viola and violin at church and school. But as he grew older, Jones expanded his musical horizons and began “listening to everything from pop and hiphop to experimentalRead More →

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Tru Vonne “Alright” Eamon “I Got Soul” Harrison Brome “Body High” Jackie Venson “Flying” Bette Smith “Man Child” Georgia Blackwell “Fever” Francois Klark “Spaceman”Read More →

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Kelsy Karter “Out of Drugs” Kelsy Karter adds a modern lyrical spin to her Modern Soul sound on her smokey new single, “Out of Drugs”. Karter’s voice is fueled by emotional energy as she asks the question, “Will you still love me when I’m all out of drugs?” Honestly, it’s reallyRead More →

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Brika “Don’t Want Your Love” Xavier White “Sudden Change” Terence Ryan “Mean It” Ruby Francis “Paranoid” Mista Roe “Tension”  Mattie Safer “All We Are” Marc Haize “Nightfall”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Danii Roundtree “Crave” Atlanta sonbird Danii Roundtree is gearing up for the summertime release of her new album, Memoirs, with this fresh single, “Crave”. Roundtree’s voice has an ethereal lightness that will call to mind grrrl groups of the Motown heyday. And, while the music holdsRead More →

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Jeffrey James “Unsaid” Jeffrey James hails from the Country Capital of Nashville, but he leans more toward the city’s gospel roots on “Unsaid”… uh, musicially, if not lyrically. This song is more about love lost, but let’s face it, most love songs are. James has just the right voice for his soulful R&BRead More →

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Kai Straw “Hurricane” Paul Rey “All Falls Down” Adam Naas “Please, Come Back to Me” Ashleyi Ascent “Self Revelation” Joel Culpepper “Don’t Mean I’m in Love” Population:7 “Blindspot” Live Lans “Whine”Read More →