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spicy mayo album release show

On the 20th of October, I felt my writer-senses tingling after months of inactivity behind the keyboard, and later felt the supernatural compulsion to cover the Spicy Mayo album release show featuring Audrey Heartburn, Dadadoh + The POC, along with Dwayne and The Rock Hard Johnsons at The Rebel Lounge. Today would not only mark the first time I would capture Audrey Heartburn and Spicy Mayo behind the lens, but a perfect opportunity for this old dog to show off his new (slightly more sober) tricks while covering a mysterious, headlining local band with familiar faces…Read More →

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lydia lunch 700

On this edition of It’s Not Our Fault w/ Tom and Amy on Radio Phoenix, Tom talks to the fierce, confrontational writer, visual, and spoken word artist and musician Lydia Lunch! Join as they chat about her new book, So Real It Hurts, her show at Valley Bar, and more. Lunch has worked with artsy visionaries including Nick Cave, Karen Finley, Jerry Stahl, and Hubert Selby Jr….Read More →

5 feisty new singles 700

5 Feisty Summer Singles featuring WRENN, Arizonan Summer, She Drew The Gun, Ghost In The Willow, + Eyebawl…Read More →

go outside power-pop-700

by Jacob Unterreiner

Here’s a challenge–try and think of a band name that starts with a verb. I’ll give you some time…Read More →

mike krol 700

Mike Krol joined Tom and Amy on this edition of It’s Not Our Fault on Radio Phoenix. They chat about his new fuzzy, garage-y, power pop record, Power Chords, and a lot of other stuff, including his graphic design career, touring, and how he tackles songwriting…Read More →