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YabYum Seven: Isaac Caruso | YabYum Music + Arts, the Arizona-based media outlet with new content daily. Art as means to enlightenment.Read More →


Who are you and what do you do? I am Jose A. Benavides and I am an Artist of 2D and 3D work. The 2D is mostly drawing and Mono Prints. The 3D deals with reappropriated objects and my favorite medium is License Plates. How did you get your start?Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? Justin Queal: I am a multi-disciplinary Artist with a focus on creating engaging, identity driven Public Art for commercial, community and residential spaces. I am a Sculptor, Muralist, Painter, and Maker. How did you get your start? I got my start liveRead More →

Who are you and what do you do? I am referred to as Andy Brown, I prefer to spend my time making art and doing things that will inspire making art such as: camping, travelling, meeting new people and having new experiences. Sometimes that means hanging out with a totallyRead More →

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Every year we like to acknowledge one person who has really pushed to bring arts to the forefront of our community. In 2014, it was Daniel Funkhouser who continually brought our attention back to the local art community, not only through his personal artistic endeavors, but also through his workRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? Mary Shindell, visual artist: drawing-based 2 and 3D works relating to landscape and botanical imagery. 2. How did you get your start? I was introduced to art as a child; I grew up going to city arts programs. I have madeRead More →

We at YabYum have been following the artistic antics of James B. Hunt (or NXOEED) for a little while now, and we’re always impressed by the level of self-determination of this particular artist. So what happens when the painter’s latest show falls through? Why, simply take the art to theRead More →