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7 Awesome Alt Rock Music Videos featuring Sunday at Noon, Donna Missal, Tender Glue, NFOE, Ben Millburn, The Dose, New Heat | YabYum Music + Arts | your PHX guide to music everywhereRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – Shovel “Monty” The first single from Shovel’s forthcoming LP has all that fiery energy one gets at a live Shovel show. This punk two-piece from Phoenix packs the punch of a full band experience and fans should be excited for a new take-home experience, It’s Fun toRead More →

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Eli & the Itches “At Least Not Yet” Website – Facebook – Instagram Jef Maarawi “Forest” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Fear and Love “Dark Garden” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp Nahko “Dragonfly” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jessie Jo Stark “Deadly Doll” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  RIVVRS “Don’t Give Up onRead More →

by Carly Schorman – The Psychedelephants “Photosynthetic” There are hills and valleys on “Photosynthetic” but fans of The Psychedelephants should expect nothing else from one of the band’s musical experiences. They are dynamic; expansive. And that’s just two ways to describe the band’s latest album: Amalgamation. Each track is its own journeyRead More →

Stinkeye “No Spoon” Bruiser Queen “Have Fun” Vinyl Tigers “Heart for None” Forever Cult “Codeine” Hightower “The Party” OTHERKIN “React” Document “Intermission”Read More →

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Born on March 3rd of this year, Gods & Clods, the fantastic third release and sophomoric full length effort from Strange Lot is an experimental, psychedelic trip to the beach and is the perfect album for some summertime sun. Building off their previous effortsRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The Fuzzy Crystals “The King is Dead” Are you ready for the transcendental expierence that is The Fuzzy Crystals? These spaced-out pysch rockers from California (where else?) create a dynamic sound that will have you wandering through the acidic flower fields of our hippieRead More →