when in az vol 2

Hey all you music-makers in Arizona! Have you picked out your cover song yet?? We know the summer sort of got away from a lot of us so When In AZ decided to extend the deadline for submissions to it’s latest compilation. So, stop panicking. The When In AZ Vol.Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Back in 2009, for those of you who don’t remember, a major moment in Arizona music history took place – the When in AZ compilation came to life. More than fifty Arizona acts covering favorite tracks from other Arizona musicians are featured on this one massive collectionRead More →

Kevin Caron 00

Who are you and what do you do? I am Kevin Caron, a sculptor. I excite and delight people with my fabricated metal and 3D printed sculptures. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone look at one of my sculptures from every angle, soaking it in – or trying toRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor When I was in high school I was forced, I mean, there was an assignment to pick a city in Arizona and write an essay on it. I chose Prescott. Music in a sec, first, a little history lesson. Prescott is known for being theRead More →

Calexico “Tapping on the Line” ft. Neko Case filmed live at Flora Recording & Playback Algae & Tentacles “I See Your Face” from The Trundle Sessions Petals of Spain “Daydream” from Sofar Denver Dutch Holly “What Rhymes with You?” from T-Town Sessions Man Hands “New Life” from Tiny Desert Concert on KJZZRead More →

Justin Moody Bargain for a Bad Man’s Love Now, I’ve met Justin Moody, briefly and in person. That being said, I didn’t expect the pensive undertaking that is Bargain for a Bad Man’s Love, the indie folk album recently released by Moody. Opening with the title track, the singer-songwriter creates a reflectingRead More →


Some mornings I wake up and the hot breath of the desert that encases me in a sticky film of loathing threatens to initiate a murderous rampage that will decimate everything in sight. On those days, I try to get out of town and cool off in some nearby localeRead More →

reshaping folk

Ari and Her Banjo The One-Upman Just like the name of the band implies, on The One-Upman you find only Ari and Her Banjo creating the quirky, earthen folk that enchants the listener from the start of “Diana”, the opening track. Ari Elena, singer-songwriter behind Ari and Her Banjo, has aRead More →

Photos courtesy of Bridget Jones 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Bridget Jones.  I was born and raised in Prescott, AZ. I moved down to Tempe after High School to attend ASU obtaining a degree in Business and Interior Design. I currently work doingRead More →

This weekend promises two ridiculously awesome release shows, the next installment of Cover the Crescent, and MORE!! Don’t forget our out-of-town suggestion! For more Upcoming Shows, head here.  Looking to get out of town? We suggest Whisperfest… Read More →

Black Rose Mansion Quiet Down NowWhen I first encountered the single “Poster Child” from Black Rose Mansion, it was love at first listen. And then I had to wait a whole entire month for the rest of the album. The problem with falling truly, madly in love with an earlyRead More →

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How does one introduce Space Alien Donald? When we first heard of “Canada’s oldest, gay, hip-hop” artist  open for Treasure MammaL during his Knewage release in November 2010, we knew we had to check this guy out. Although he only performed a few songs that night, we knew we hadRead More →