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Colten Hood “Circles”  Arizona artist Colten Hood dropped a new single, “Circles”, in anticipation of his debut album due out this coming Fall. If this track is any indication of what we can expect later this year, The Reel EP is definitely something to look forward to. “Circles” invigorates the listener with itsRead More →

dent title

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor dent – Josh John, Jeff Taylor, and Bryan Ohkura – are pretty much my new favorite band right now. Take some 90s guitar pop, add some math, throw in some tasteful shoegaze and surf, and garnish with a slice of punk and you can begin to taste the dentRead More →

downtown boys

By Meghan Herring Contributing Writer “You guys should’ve came with me to the show I went to last night,” I chuckled. “There was this crazy-cool band that had two saxophone players, and another was this band with just three guys doing, like, a mix of thrash-punk-ska.” “Where did you go?”Read More →

by Frank Ippolito Growing up in Paradise Valley, I was definitely in the minority in high school, along with my friends, standing outside during lunch under the “smokers’ tree”, dressed in Ramones and Clash T-shirts, blaring the Meat Puppets as loud as we could, drawing stares from the instructors, studentsRead More →